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SEO Training Los Angeles

Why SEO Training?

I train people in search engine optimization (SEO) as well as AdWords and social media both online and in the San Francisco Bay Area. Many times students fly up from Los Angeles to San Francisco for these trainings, so the time has come to explore Los Angeles SEO Training possibilities. If there is sufficient demand, we will offer an SEO class (workshop) in Los Angeles in March, 2014.SEO, of course, is the art and science of getting to the top of Google. In our classes, we help local businesses understand and dominate Google and Bing via ‘white hat’ SEO tactics and techniques. These tactics and techniques help local lawyers, therapists, Pizza restaurants, and even non-profits to show up at the top of Google and Bing, for free, for relevant searches. Google+, of course, is an important part to this strategy and we will investigate Google+ at a personal, business, and local angle in the training to be held in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Meet San Francisco

Los Angeles SEO Training In our San Francisco classes, we use high speed Internet and provide a place for everyone to come together. So be sure to bring your laptop and we will bring the ‘San Francisco’ experience to Los Angeles. I recommend a lap top either PC or Mac with Wi-Fi internet connection, and the Firefox browser installed for the training.That said, we will host the class materials ‘in the cloud,’ so that after the physical training in Los Angeles, you can re-reference the results at your leisure. We will also record the LA session so that that video will also be there for your reference after the training.