The Top 5 Social Media Marketing Blogs – A List

Social Media Marketing is the art and science of using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the gang to “market” your company, product or service. That’s different than just using social media – akin to “throwing” the party vs. just “showing up” at the party. If you thought it was hard to keep up on SEO, welcome to social media – there’s not just one Google, rather there’s a Twitter, a Facebook, an Instagram, a Pinterest, a Snapchat, a YouTube – you get my drift. Keeping up with this blizzard of info ain’t easy!

Top Social Media Marketing Blogs

So here are my picks for the top social media marketing blogs. Again, with an emphasis on marketing.

  1. Social Media Examiner – The look and feel of this one is pretty hokey, but the content is very, very good. Social Media Examiner focuses very much on the marketing aspects of social media marketing.In fact, while Mashable is more about social media ‘in general,’ Social Media Examiner is more about ‘social media marketing.’
  2. WebProNews – Comprehensive (overwhelmingly so) resource for news, information, and tips related to online business. Search engines, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing, advertising, and online branding – all covered in overwhelming detail. Information overload, but it does cover SEO and social media.
  3. Social Media Today – Portal and blog by journalists, Top 5 Social Media Marketing Blogsonline managers, and advertising professionals in for those working in PR, marketing, advertising, on social media and marketing. It covers all aspects of social media tools, platforms, companies and personalities from a global perspective. All content is contributed by members and curated by editorial staff.
  4. Mashable – Mashable is arguably the leading portal and information site for social media news and events. However, here’s the rub for social media marketers: Mashable is everything about everything in social media, and lacks a strong focus on the marketing side of it. It sorta kinda wants to be Buzzfeed.
  5. Soshable – Soshable is a fun, rather informal, stream-of-consciousness blog about social media. A lot less formal and newspaper like than Mashable. Fun.

There are a few more, which will be included in our forthcoming Social Media Toolbook.  Sign up for our email newsletter to get your free copy upon publication.

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