Understanding Facebook Page Settings: Optimizing Your Facebook Page

As a business or nonprofit organization, you’ll want a Facebook Page, especially if you can connect your marketing to the Facebook themes of friends, family, and fun.
In this video, I’ll explain the basics Page settings on Facebook. You’ll want to make smart marketing decisions about how to set up your business Page on Facebook

Business Page Set Up on Facebook

Login to Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ as an “individual.” You’ll need at least a basic individual “profile.” Next, we’ll begin to set up a business Page. Remember: a human has a “profile” on Facebook, and a business has a “page.” Please be sure to use the correct name for the correct thing!

  1. To set up a Facebook page, either view the help file, here, or go to https://www.facebook.com/pages/create. There, make a decision as to what kind of Page you want. Most of us want either a “local business” or a “company, organization, or institution” Page. I’m not going to review how to promote your Page in this video. Rather, I’m going to go through the settings and what they mean.
  2. Once you’ve set up your Page, then you’ll want to optimize your settings as follows.

Optimizing Your Business / Organization Page Settings on Facebook

  • First, let’s start with the Far Left Column –
    • Page Roles (Far Left) – this designates your Admin’s, and you want at least two as a Facebook Page must have at least one Facebook Profile that manages it.
    • Preferred Page Audience (Far Left)- designate who is “most likely” to be interested in your Page. (Not of very high value, but you might as well).
  • Next, let’s go into Settings (Top Right), and then drill down to individual settings. You’ll want to make some strategic marketing decisions about your Page settings on Facebook.
    • Page Visibility – turn this “on,” obviously, so people can find your Page.
    • Page Verification – verify your Page with your phone number.
    • Visitor Posts. Use this to designate who can “publish” to the Page as well as add photos or videos. For example –
      • Compare The White House on Facebook (you can NOT post to the Page) vs. Taco Bell (you CAN post to the Page), which begs the “marketing” question of do you want to allow your fans to post to your Page? The pro is that it makes it more interactive, there’s a chance that their friends will see this interaction and like your Page. The con is that you can’t control what they say, and they might be pretty negative.
    • Reviews. If you’ve chosen a “local business,” you can turn ON reviews, which allows users to write reviews about your buisness. The pro, again, is that it’s interactive and possibly helps to spread your message. The con, again, is that you can’t control the reviews and they might be negative.
    • News Feed Audience and Visibility for Posts. This allows you to segment who sees a post.
    • Page Moderation. You can identify certain “stop” words that you do NOT want to allow users to post to your Page, make comments, etc. Similarly, you can adjust the profanity filter. You can moderate that language that can be posted to your Page, and made to comments, e.g., forbid the various “naughty” words, racist, homophobic, etc. Not a perfect filter, but you can do attempt to raise the level of your Page.
    • Similar Page Suggestions. Allow your Page to be cross-promoted. Duh! Why would you turn this off?

Beyond Page Settings

So those are your basic settings. Remember, it’s all about “interactivity” on Facebook, so I recommend you do everything you can to encourage interactivity – especially allowing posts to Page and reviews (if you’re local). Once your settings are done, you need to set up your profile picture, and cover photo. After that, it’s all about “posting strategy” and “promotion strategy” for successful Facebook marketing!


Watch the Video

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