Autocomplete on Google: Brainstorming Keywords for SEO, Google Ads, and Social Media Marketing

Keywords are the foundation not just of SEO or Google Ads, but even, I would argue, social media marketing. What are your customers searching for? What are they talking about (on social)? Google’s autocomplete is an easy tool to research your keywords. Let’s investigate.


Google Autocomplete and Keyword Research for SEO

Google, of course, is the world’s largest search engine. So start with a “seed keyword,” something like “hair transplant,” “cat insurance,” or “leadership.” Simply go to Google at and start typing. Then “wait” and watch the autocomplete and how it populates. Note any keywords that seem highly relevant to your target customers. Indeed, you can even go thru the alphabet typing “cat insurance” + a, “cat insurance” +b, etc. to see other keywords and phrases.



Second, why does “Google Autocomplete” matter to you as a marketer? Well, that’s because customers matter, and customers use keywords and key phrases to search Google; they also “talk” or “share” content on social platforms around topics (a.k.a., keywords that matter to them). Thus, in order to reach your customers, you have to know what “content themes” (as manifest by keywords) matter to them and are a good target for your content marketing – whether that’s SEO, Google Ads, or social media (organic or paid). Keywords, in short, connect your company to your target customers. Self-test: do you know the keywords that your customers search for, talk about, or engage with?


Third, take five minutes. Sit down at a blank screen at Google. Type in a “seed keyword” (this is a starter, or just basic keyword). It might be “pizza.” It might be “financial planner.” It might be “proteomics.” Then note the high-level autocomplete suggestions and decide if these are “likely” to be your customers, that is themes / keywords about which your customers search, talk, or engage. Brainstorm a keyword list. Next steps – build out a structured keyword worksheet for SEO or Google ads, or a “content themes” worksheet for social media.

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