Social Media Marketing Workbook Reaches Amazon Bestseller List, Announces JM Internet Group

San Jose, CA – October 26, 2015. The JM Internet Group, a top producer of Social Media Training online at, is proud to announce that Jason McDonald’s latest book, the Social Media Marketing Workbook, has achieved a rank on’s list of bestselling books in the category of social media marketing for business. The list, updated hourly, charts those books that are selling at the fastest pace.

“We have been heavily promoting the book as it is new,” explained Dr. MSocial Media Marketing Book, 2016cDonald, Director of the JM Internet Group. “We not only have had promotional pricing on Amazon but also an incredible review program by which interested parties can obtain the book at no cost by taking our online courses in social media marketing, or acting before the October 31, 2015, deadline to participate in the review program.”
To learn more about the Social Media  Marketing Workbook and request a review copy by October 31, 2015, please visit or on Amazon at for promotional pricing. To view the Amazon list of best sellers in the category of social media marketing for bgusiness please visit

The Social Media Marketing Workbook: A New Way to Do Social Media

To date, most of the books on social media marketing have been long on hype and short on detailed, factual, step-by-step information for small business marketers and business owners. Author after author has hyped the value of marketing on Twitter, on Facebook, on LinkedIn, or on YouTube yet failed to provide detailed step-by-step instructions. A few books have attempted to explain social media but they have gone far to the other extreme, diving into the technical details of how to set up a Facebook Page for business or how to set up an ‘unsubscribed trailer’ on YouTube but failed to provide a conceptual direction. The new Social Media Marketing Workbook strikes a middle ground: it provides the reader with a strategy, explaining social media marketing using the analogy of “throwing” a party, and then dives into the technical details of how to use Facebook for business, YouTube for business, etc. In this way, a business marketer has both a conceptual framework of why social media marketing is effective and a practical road map of how to actually “do” social media marketing.

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The JM Internet Group of San Jose, California, provides SEO training online at as well as courses in social media marketing and Google AdWords as well as consulting services. The classes are hands-on, delivered over the Internet, and available for one year to paid students. Its director, Jason McDonald, is a recognized expert in online marketing, with a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, and many of the top selling books on Amazon on the subject.

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