Twaggle Your Way to Success in Marketing!

Marketing is an activity that’s both theory and practice. Like cooking, you have to have a “vision” of what you want to do, and then you have to go out and do it. And you need to have a very practical, can-do attitude with a good dose of measurement. In my new book, The Marketing Book, I emphasize the think / do / learn method of marketing. You have to think it – know a concept for example. You have to do it – go out in the real world and actually do it. And you have to measure it, in terms of whether it’s working – building your brand and selling more stuff.Twaggle

Twaggle: the Definition

Here’s an excerpt from the book on the topic of Twaggle:

Twaggle is a new word based on “toggle” (to move between activities) and action (to take action, to do something). Twaggle means that you have to have the “concept” in your head (such as knowing your brand identity) while simultaneously going out into the “real world” (such as talking with a customer face-to-face and explaining your brand to him). Twaggle means theory and practice, practice and theory, concept and action, thinking and doing, doing and thinking, measuring and learning… all at the same time. So throughout the book, I will encourage you to “twaggle,” to take what you’ve learned and go do it, and then measure what you’re doing that’s working (and what’s not) and revise your ideas.

So there you go: a new word for you. Twaggle. So if you’re asked, “What does twaggle mean,” now you know.

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