Google Ads Credits – Getting ‘Free Money’ from Google During COVID-19 / Coronavirus

Google, like many large businesses, is doing its part to help its customers stay afloat during the COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic. Among its outreach efforts: Google Ads Credits. That is, ‘free’ money from Google for advertisers active since 2019. Let’s investigate!



Google had announced that it will be giving about $340 million (maybe more) by some estimates in ad credits to SMBs (Small Businesses) via the Google Ads program (formerly called Google AdWords). These so-called ‘Google Ads Credits‘ will be rolled out in the coming weeks or months, and should appear automatically in your Google Ads account.  From what we can see, it looks like you need to have been advertising since 2019 and there is no formal application process; so it’s totally unclear who will get the credits, when, how, and for much.

For now, it’s nothing but a skeleton / PR announcement that hopefully Google will actually make good on. So stay tuned, and watch for ad credits to show up in your Google Ads account. I would make sure that you have EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS turned on in Google Ads, and that you monitor the email associated with you Google Ads account (if it’s different than you regular business email).


If you’re not currently a Google Ads customers, you won’t get these credits. They are for “existing” advertisers only. But, should you decide to start advertising on Google, you can sign up for Google Ads Coupons and get a $150 credit on sign up. This is an on-going program by Google to encourage new advertisers to try out the platform.  We have a blog post on how to get Google Ads Coupons as well.


If you’re a non-profit, Google has a program called Google Grants, which are free advertising credits for existing non-profits.  This program does not get the publicity it deserves, so share that link with your friends and colleagues that are “doing good” in the nonprofit world. Google is also offering special COVID-19 / Coronavirus PSA ad credits, but the details on this are sparse and it does not appear that Google has a clear, coordinated program to allow nonprofits who may be able to help with COVID-19 / Coronavirus issues a way to apply for PSA ad grants.  I would bookmark and follow the official Google Blog at to stay informed.



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