Identifying Books to Read on (Digital) Marketing

Books! Yes, books! Not blog posts. Not YouTube videos. Not online courses. But books! Books make you smarter as a marketer, and they are an incredible resource that many people don’t tap into.

Set aside some time each week – maybe 1/2 an hour on your lunch, or maybe Sundays… to identify and read books in your industry. That means, also books on “digital marketing” and its major pillars – SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Google Ads (as well as online ads in general). It can also be books specific to a platform such as Instagram, TikTok, etc.

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Here are the steps –

  1. Build out a list of keywords that matter to you and your business, generally of the “how to” variety – such as SEO, social media marketing, Google Ads, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  2. Search Amazon by keywords – for example, SEO.
  3. Use some Amazon tricks such as appending a year to the keyword as in SEO 2021 or email marketing 2021
  4. Other Tricks –
  5. Actually read the books; or at least skim them for actionable tips and ideas relevant to your business.

Tips and To-dos

  • Set aside some PRIORITY time each week to read industry-related books, such as books on ‘digital marketing.’
  • Use Amazon hacks to identify the best books by topic.
  • Pay attention to NEW or TRENDING books based on Amazon categories.
  • Use Kindle or the Kindle app on a tablet to make the process fast and easy.

Happy Reading!

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