JM Internet Announces Review Copy Program for Job Search and Career-building Workbook

San Jose, CA – June 6, 2016. The JM Internet Group, a top provider of SEO Training online, is proud to announce a free review copy program for author Jason McDonald’s latest book, the Job Search and Career-building Workbook, which is an in-depth book about job hunting online using SEO and social media. The book also covers the topic of ‘personal branding.’

With the book unique in job hunting books available online, the Group decided to announce a limited review copy program for interested readers. Persons who would like a no obligation, zero cost version of the book are urged to visit the website to get a copy of the book while supplies last. Offer is limited to residents of the United States of America.
Job Search & Career-building Workbook

“This workbook is a new endeavor for us, outside of the corporate marketing area for which we are well-known,” explained Jason McDonald, director of the JM Internet Group. “Persons who are actively job-hunting as well as those who would like to know how to build a strong personal brand, online, to assist in their careers are urged to get a copy of the book as a reviewer. One need not be a professional reviewer to get a copy; one needs only to have either a personal website or Amazon account.”

To access the application form for a review copy, please visit A direct link to the Job Search and Career-building workbook on Amazon can be found For more detailed information, interested parties can also browse the book’s page at the JM Internet Group website at

Review Copies of the Job Search & Career-building Workbook

With the book in its first edition, Dr. McDonald is hungry for honest reader feedback about the book. The book is designed for both active job seekers as well as those folks who already have a job, but are building their career. Its focus is on the relatively new area of personal branding online, with both an emphasis on minimizing negative information about oneself online and a positive emphasis on creating and nurturing a positive brand image through blogging as well as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The topic of ‘search engine optimization’ for personal branding is discussed, in-depth, as is the issue of social media marketing for individual job seekers.

Table of Contents

  1. Quo Vadis?
  2. The Internet You
  3. You Are a Brand
  4. Be Found. Look Cool.
  5. Party On: Creating a Content Marketing Machine
  6. Your Website: Using Your Website, Blog, and SEO for Personal Branding
  7. LinkedIn: the No. 1 Online Job & Career Site
  8. Facebook: Your Friend (or Your Enemy)
  9. Twitter: Tweet Your Way to Career Success
  10. The Other Parties: YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest & More
  11. Your Plan: Making a Personal Job Search and Career-building Plan
  12. Appendix: The Job Search and Career-building Resource Book

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