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Using Advanced Google Searches and to Create Quick Links for Marketing

Google is the world’s most powerful search engine, but many people do not know secret “tips” to use its advanced search engines. As marketers, we often want to keep track of keywords that matter to our industry, our company, and our industry, especially in these trying times. Continue reading

How to Conduct an On Page SEO Audit: Step-by-step

“On page” SEO, of course, is the art and science of building SEO-friendly websites that “speak Google.” It’s about how you get your keywords onto the page in such a way that the website clearly communicates its keyword targets to Google yet is not so clunky, and keyword-stuffed that either Google or humans (or both) hate it. Let’s review the steps to how to conduct a quick ‘On Page’ SEO audit. Continue reading

Amazon SEO Strategy for 2020 and Beyond: An Amazon SEO Tutorial

Amazon is a search engine and thus SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works for Amazon; here’s a quick tutorial to Amazon SEO with links to the best resources. Amazon, in short, is the #2 search engine after Google (not counting YouTube), and so if you’re into e-commerce or selling on Amazon you’d be crazy not to pay attention to how to SEO a product on Amazon. Continue reading