How do I get Certified in Google Ads / AdWords?

People often ask, “Hey Jason, you’re certified in Google ads as an AdWords expert, but how do I get certified? How do you become Google Ads certified?” Well, it’s not that difficult to get your certification. Let’s investigate the steps. First, you need to find and sign up for the Google Academy of Ads. This is Google’s official partner who provides the learning courses and certifications. Second, once you’ve found The Google Academy for Ads website, and signed up, here is a direct link to their Google Ads classes online. Or, click on “browse” on the left to browse available courses.

Third, you sign up for and take a course in a topic, such as the course on Google Ads Search. After you take the course, there is an multiple choice exam. Take the exam and answer a sufficient number of questions correctly, usually 80% and you’ve gotten that award. Fourth, to be certified in Google Ads, you need to do as follows: “You need to pass 2 of the Google Ads certification assessments to become Google Ads certified – the Google Ads Fundamentals assessment and one of the following: Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Video Advertising, or Shopping Advertising” (See this article).

Publicizing your Google Ads Certification

Finally, once you’re passed 2 Ads certification assessments, it’s time to celebrate! OK, calm yourself down. Now that you’ve celebrated it’s time to publicize your Google Ads Certification. You can make your profile “public” and thus link to is. To do this, log in to the Google Academy for Ads.  Click on your picture > my profile on the top right. Make sure public is set to “on,” and then copy the huge, horrible, no good, terrible, lonnnnnnnnggggggggggg URL that Google gives you.  Then go to your website, and copy/paste this link where you want it. Here’s mine (cleverly shortened using TinyURL): and you can see it on my page about being the most awesome AdWords expert here.

So, in summary, there you have it – an explanation of how to get certified in Google Ads / Google AdWords and then once you are certified how to showcase your certification. For “extra credit,” your company can become a Google Partner and then if it has two persons it can be a Google partner.


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