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What does ‘best’ mean? In my classes on search engine optimization, I often point out to my students that while people often search for ‘best’ as in ‘best knee surgeon,’ they rarely search for ‘worst.’ Best as a word is a very valuable Google SEO search term, as are related words such as ‘top’ or ‘top-rated.’ My classes on SEO tend to be among the highest rated on the Internet, and my books on SEO (available on Amazon), also tend to top our among the best SEO Books. But what does best mean? How do you select the best SEO course not in an objective sense, but in a subjective sense: what is the best SEO Course for you?



Best, as in Best SEO Course for You
Why Live SEO Training is Preferred
You Just Get More: Videos and Live 

Best, as in Best SEO Course For You

There are many objective measurements of best. If you read reviews of my books on Amazon or our classes, you’ll see that many students have posted very favorable reviews. Note that these reviews are being posted to third-party sites such as YouTube or Amazon, where people could conceivably also post negative reviews. These third party endorsements are one indication of whether my SEO classes are objectively the ‘best SEO class’ or a ‘top-rated SEO class.’ The answer is: yes.

That said, however, I caution you to consider the teaching philosophy and style. What is the best SEO training for one person may not be the best SEO training for another. Learning and teaching styles differ. My philosophy is one of empowerment. I seek to empower small business owners and marketers to understand that they CAN do SEO. It takes work, but with the right attitude: YOU CAN DO IT. That said, I seek to work with students who are eager to learn, have a positive attitude, and want to ‘do it themselves,’ meaning be an active participant in the process.

If you are seeking someone who will do SEO for you, then SEO consulting is the route to go. If you want to learn to do it yourself, then our SEO training classes is the route to go. Neither is ‘best’ – each depends on what you want and how you want to work.

Finally, a best SEO class should be able to point to real searches on Google where they are on page one. Try Google searches for SEO Class and notice the JM Internet Group prominently on the page. For an SEO class to be among the best… it should rank for some target keywords. We rank well for SEO class, SEO training, and SEO course… all highly relevant to our field.



Why Live SEO Training is Preferred

Best SEO TrainingLive training is something of a novelty in the search engine optimization field. While I teach live San Francisco SEO training classes, and live corporate workshops face-to-face, I also teach live online SEO training classes. I believe in live training. It has some real advantages.

First, live training means you are getting the most up-to-date information on SEO possible. Since I am live, I can adjust the training to reflect the latest and greatest information on the Google algorithms. When Penguin and Panda launched, for example, I altered my training to inform students. Second, live training makes it very fun. Students can ask questions live and get them answered live. Third, live training is motivating. Since it’s live you need to be online when I am… and this motivates you to ‘show up.’ Pure video training, in contrast, tends to be a ‘I’ll get around to it’ mentality and that often just does not happen. (I do provide video recordings of all sessions, creating the best of both worlds).



You Just Get More: Videos and Live


Remember Alaska Airlines’ slogan? You just get more. That’s my motto in creating the best SEO training available. Being live is part of that. I make a commitment to my students to show up live, vs. other online training classes in which the instructors simply video record their trainings. Second, I answer student questions live and I answer student questions daily. So as you learn to do SEO yourself, I am there at your side answering your questions live, via email, and even via short phone calls. That’s what I mean by ‘you just get more.’ Secondly, I provide video recordings to the training, so you have those videos to go back to over the course of a year. Third, I provide worksheets and quizzes… these are resources that help you take concepts and turn them into actionable to-do’s. Finally, I allow one free retake during the course of a year.

In sum, my SEO training classes are not just the best SEO classes online or the top-rated SEO classes, they are the best for people who want to do it themselves and work with a motivated instructor by their side. I hope you can join me!


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