Houston and Austin SEO Training (For Photographers): Come One, Come All, Y’all

I was born in San Antonio, Texas, in 1963 at Lackland Airforce Base… and though I don’t remember it much, I love Texas! Even though I grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and there’s a big big rivalry between Oklahoma and Texas, I still love Texas. And I’m coming to Texas – with an SEO Training in Houston on August 19 and an SEO Training in Austin on August 20. Both sessions are open to the public, and are reasonably priced:

  • Houston, 9/19/2014 – $255 – more information here.
  • Austin, 9/20/2014 – $255 – more information here.

Here’s a video introduction by yours truly –

Both are the same topic – Search Engine Optimization for Photographers with three breakouts –

  1. SEO Basics.  What is SEO?  What are the rules of the game? What’s on page and off page SEO, and what are some quick tips and tricks to optimize a photographer website, whether it’s in Houston or Austin, or anywhere else in Texas for that matter.  These tactics even work in Oklahoma!
  2. SEO Local. Most photographers are local businesses – so how do you optimize for Austin SEO photographers, or commercial photographers in Texas, etc.? We’ll dive into local SEO and explain the speciaHouston and Austin SEO for Photographersl in’s and out’s of local search engine optimizations (for Texans and for photographers).
  3. Image Optimization. What images show on a Google search and why? How can photographers use images to help with their SEO?  How can photographers get photographs to show in Google searches.

Come one, come all, Y’all. These are open sessions and if you are anywhere near Austin or Houston, or you are a photographer – they’re really going to be fun and worth it!

And here are my favorite things about Texas, about Photography, and about SEO –

  • Texas – 2nd biggest state in the Union (we’ll just ignore Alaska (size) and California (population) and act like we’re the biggest).
  • SEO – 2nd biggest and best marketing channel (we’ll just ignore email marketing, and act like we’re the biggest).
  • Photography – we’ll transition from film to digital, just to drive ya’ll crazy.
  • SEO – we’ll transition from off page to on page, from black hat to white hat, just to drive ya’ll crazy.
  • Texas – we’ll transition from LBJ to the Bushes to Rick Perry, just to drive ya’ll crazy.

Hope you can make it!


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