Death to Bloggers Block! Using Google Suggest to Generate Blog Post Ideas

In the pre-Internet days, we used to call it “writers block.” We’d sit and stare at paper.  (For those of you millennials, paper is a white substance originally invented by the Chinese; you’d use these things called pencils or pens to write on it). And an idea would not come, and an idea would not come, and idea would not come.

Using Google Suggest to Generate Blog IdeasNow, we sit and stare at our computer terminals. The blue light glows back at us, endlessly frying our circadian rhythms.  We can’t sleep, we can’t eat… We sit, we think, and we attempt to blog. Where  – oh where – can we find some good blog ideas?


“Just Google it” is perhaps a saying of our time, just as perhaps in the old days, people might have said… “Go to the Library.”  Or you could go to Bing.

Using Google Suggest to Generate Blog Post Ideas

So if you’re stuck with bloggers’ block, you can use Google to help you blog, or at least get more blog ideas.  How?  Here are the steps.

  • Identify your core keywords. Every website, every business, and every nonprofit has certain fundamental “core keywords.”  These are the foundational single or multiple word phrases upon which ALL of your searches are built.  Let’s take, for example, “industrial fans.”  Let’s assume you are an industrial fan business. So you are attempting to attract people who are searching for “industrial fans” and related keyword phrases such as “industrial fans for sale.”
  • Use Google suggest, technically known as autocomplete Simply take your core keyword phrase and start typing it into Google.  STOP.  Pay attention to what is on the pull-down. Ask yourself, if any of these phrases might be the foundation of a good blog post?  For example, for industrial fan we see –

Bloggers Block and SEO


  • An example here might be “industrial fan rental.” So people are searching for “rental” plus “industrial fan.”  So, for example, then take industrial fan rental and pop it back into Google suggest.  Play around with typing “a,” “b,” “c,” etc. after the phrase.  You’ll see phrases such as “industrial blower fan rental” or “industrial cooling fan rental.”
  • Brainstorm.  Take these foundational phrases, e.g. “industrial fan rental” and brainstorm some blog topics.  You can use two cool tools for this purpose – Tweak Your Biz Title Generator and Portent Title Maker. Both will give you even more “food for thought.”

Now, you have a list of keywords and key phrases, plus some brainstormed ideas from the two title generators. At this point, your blogger’s block should be over!  For example

  • Why Industrial Fan Rentals are Scarier than Tyra Banks
  • 17 BS Facts about Industrial Fan Rentals Everyone Thinks are True
  • What the World Would be Like if Industrial Fan Rentals Didn’t Exist
  • The Oddest Place You Will Find Industrial Fan and Blower Rentals

Start writing, based on your “new” list of ideas!

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