How to Make Content ‘Go Viral’ – or At Least Work for You with Ads

More from the SMX show. Larry Kim (@LarryKim) gave a rapid-fire presentation on trends in PPC advertising.  Among them –

  • Clicks are getting more expensive (not less), despite Google earnings calls.
  • The “App revolution” is pulling more and more mobile usage “out of” the Google orbit.  So “go native” on Apps.
  • Using Google’s “Display Network” (GDN) may make a lot of sense because a) clicks are cheaper, and b) people spend time interacting with content.  (Not sure I agree with this, because click fraud and bad matches are rampant on the GDN).
  • Keyword match types no longer matter (?) on AdWords (not sure I agree with this one either).

How to make content go viralAnd some other insights.  Which were great.  But no earth-shattering. Then…

Going viral / getting shares.  The “false dichotomy” between paid and organic.  He has a list of key influencers in his industry (e.g., on Twitter, perhaps on LinkedIn).  Then the steps become

  1. Content Creation.  Create interesting, shareable content.  (e.g., inforgraphic, long-form blog post, something useful, provocative, informative, sentimental, etc.).
  2. Advertise this content, especially to influencers.  Get them to “take the bait” and spread it.
  3. Encourage, grow a virtuous circle among the ad, the influencers, and the followers.

In that way, creating interesting, new content is now synergistic with advertising, not opposed to it. Wonderful food 4 thought!

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