Content Marketing: Top Ten Free Tools for Content Marketing

Content is king, and queen, and jack! You gotta gotta create content to share: blog posts, images, infographics, memes, and even videos. You can not only get better at creating quality content for social media sharing; you can also monitor and use the content of other folks. Content, after all, is the “fuel” for your social media marketing shares. Rev up your engines (and the engines of other folks, too)!

Here are the best free tools and resources for content marketing!

  1. Buzzsumo – Buzzsumo is a ‘buzz’ monitoring tool for social media. Input a website (domain) and/or a topic and see what people are sharing across Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media. Great for link-building (because what people link to is what they share), and also for social media.
  2. Topsy – Real-time Twitter search engine. You can also search the web and videos. VERY important: you can input a URL, e.g., or, and see how frequently that URL and its sub URLs have been tweeted. Great way to see your social shares as well as discover what’s trending on the blogosphere for more effective blogging.
  3. Feedly – Feedly is a newsreader integrated with Google+ or Facebook. It’s useful for social media because you can follow important blogs or other content and share it with your followers. It can also spur great blog ideas.
  4. Pixlr – Pixlr is a free, online photo editor. Great for social media post, to add that extra umph to any image more easily than in Adobe Photoshop.
  5. Creative Commons Search – Another resource to find royalty-free images, clip art, sound and music to share or utilize with other content. Great way to find shareable images to embed into blog posts.Free Tools for Content Marketing
  6. Qzzr – Create online quizzes and share with your social network. What cat breed are you? If you were a Twilight character, which character would you be? Fun quizzes to encourage social sharing.
  7. PhotoPin – Get in the habit of creating blog posts with images by using PhotoPin. PhotoPin searches millions of Creative Commons photos and allows you to preview, download any of multiple sizes to upload into your posts, and provides handy cut and paste HTML for attribution, a small price to pay for royalty-free images. Adding images to your blog posts doesn’t get any easier than this.
  8. Foter – Add some color (or monochrome) to your blog posts with Foter. Search over 200 million high-quality, free, downloadable stock photos. Don’t forget to copy and paste photo attribution credits included with the images details into your blog post.
  9. Google Email Alerts – Use Google to alert you by email for search results that matter to you. Input your company name, for example, to see when new web pages, blog posts, or other items surface on the web. Enter your target keywords to keep an eye on yourself and your competitors. Part of the Gmail system.
  10. Compfight – Unclear where the name comes from, but no matter. This incredible tool allows you to search for royalty-based and royalty-free images. Great for finding images for blogging and posting to social media. Quickly locate royalty-free images!

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