Google Easter Eggs List 2015-2016: Nerd Alert! (Ah, Have Some Fun)

For those who do Google all the time… that would mean anyone who’s into SEO, well… you’re an honorary nerd (even if you aren’t a real nerd). Google’s engineers are very smart people, of course, and they “hide” some very funny “easter eggs” into the Google system. List Updated: November 14, 2015.

Here are my favorites:

We made it super, super easy – just click on the link (or if you like, read the instructions).


1) CLICK on the BLUE link 2) WATCH what Google does 3) LAUGH HA HA HA 4) REPEAT

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Google Easter Eggs

  • Atari Breakout (Rating: 5) – Bored at work, and love classic video games? Search Google Images for ‘Atari Breakout.’ Then use the blue panel at the bottom and your cursor to play (but we didn’t have to tell you that, because you remember Atari breakout, right?)
  • Do a Barrel Roll (Rating: 5) – Search for ‘Do A Barrel Roll’ on Google and the screen will, well, roll.
  • Zerg Rush (Rating: 5) – Zerg rush…that overwhelming attack feeling in a video game. It’s also a Google Easter Egg. Type ‘zerg rush’ into Google and see what happens.
  • Askew Google Search Results (Rating: 4) – Light-hearted search results display from Google. Search for ‘askew’ on Google and it will tilt the results page. Sometimes (but not always) ’tilt’ will do the same thing.
  • Blink HTML (Rating: 4) – Type ‘blink html’ into a Google search, and guess what, the words html and blink, will – wait for it – blink.Google Easter Eggs
  • Ask Google to Define Anagram (Rating: 4) – An anagram, of course, is a word, phrase, or name formed by rearranging the letters of another, such as cinema, to form iceman. If you try to ‘define: anagram’ on Google, it will ask you if you mean ‘nag a ram.’ If you try ‘define anagram,’ it will ask if you mean ‘nerd fame again.’ Ha, ha. Nerds of the world: unite.
  • Google Gravity (Rating: 4) – Start at Google, with INSTANT turned off. Type in GOOGLE GRAVITY and click the I’M FEELING LUCKY button. This takes you to (see URL) where you can have fun with this very interactive vision of Google and Google Gravity.
  • Google Search for Festivus (Rating: 4) – Type ‘Festivus’ into Google and pay attention to the left side of the page. Festivus, according to Wikipedia, is a parody holiday celebrated on 12/23 as an alternative to commercialized Christmas festivities that dominate the culture.
  • Google Pacman (Rating: 4) – Type ‘Google Pacman’ into Google and you can play Pacman. Just click on the famous Google doodle that appears, and use your ‘arrow’ keys on your keyboard to play. Next, think longingly of that much simpler time before cell phones, YouTube, multilevel multidimensional multiplayer games, and no driving while texting. Ah, it was so good before it all become so wonderful.
  • Roll a Die (Rating: 3) – Need to roll a die? (You know, what some people call a ‘dice,’ when really they mean just one, which is a die.) Anyway, just type ‘roll a die’ into Google and a dice simulator pops up. We mean a ‘die’ simulator, but not that kind of ‘die.’ Oh ugh.
  • Bletchley Park (Rating: 3) – Do a Google search for ‘bletchley park,’ and watch Google decode the name on the search results page. (Bletchley Park was the place where the British broke the German secret codes during World War II).
  • Answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything (Rating: 3) – Search Google for ‘answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything’ and it returns the phrase = 42, a reference to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams.
  • Recursion on Google (Rating: 3) – Recursion, of course means ‘the repeated application of a recursive procedure or definition.’ Search Google for either ‘recursion’ or ‘define:recursion’ and you’ll see ‘Did you mean: recursion?’at the top of the search results page. Get it? Nerd humor.
  • Use the Force Luke (Rating: 3) – Technically this is a YouTube easter egg, but search YouTube for Use the Force Luke’, and watch the page move around, randomly…as if it were being moved by the ‘Force.’ Must be a Star Wars nerd to get this one.
  • The Loneliest Number (Rating: 3) – Search for ‘the loneliest number’ and Google returns: 1. As in the song.
  • Webdriver Torso (Rating: 3) – Type in ‘Webdriver Torso’ to Google and the logo on the top left becomes a series of blinking blocks. Click on the link to Wikipedia to learn that: ‘Webdriver Torso is a YouTube account made by Google that posts mostly 11-second videos consisting of blue and red rectangles that change position, accompanied by a series of beeps which change in pitch. ‘
  • Conway’s Game of Life (Rating: 3) – Type ‘Conway’s Game of Life’ into Google, and watch the far right of the screen evolve. Then click the first search result from Wikipedia, to learn what ‘Conway’s Game of Life’ is really about.
  • Google in 1998 (Rating: 3) – Flashback. Party like it’s 1999. We mean 1998. Type ‘Google in 1998,’ and Google will show you what its search results looked like at the very beginning.
  • Beam Me Up Scotty (Rating: 3) – If you like Star Trek, and you like YouTube, you’ll like this easter egg. Search YouTube for ‘Beam me up Scotty’ and the results will be ‘beamed over’ to you.
  • Flip a Coin (Rating: 2) – Need to flip a coin? Who carries real coins these days? Just Google ‘Flip a Coin,’ and Google will provide you a coin flip simulator. Next up: Bitcoin flips.
  • Let Me Google That For You (Rating: 2) – Ever really need to ‘show’ someone how to Google something? This third-party Google ‘easter egg’ does just that. Worth a chuckle. 1) type a search query, 2) copy / paste the quick link it generates into your browser address bar, or send it to a friend, 3) when you load that link, it will ‘literally’ walk you through how to Google it.
  • Do the Harlem Shake (Rating: 2) – Go to YouTube and type in ‘Do the Harlem Shake,’ and pay attention the YouTube logo on the left. If you have sound, you’ll also hear the obnoxious music. Cool, huh?
  • Google I’m Feeling Lucky (Rating: 2) – Just go to the primary, empty Google screen. Hold your mouse over the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button for a few seconds. It will scroll through suggestions such as ‘I’m feeling generous’. Funny? Does anyone ever click on the ‘I’m feeling lucky buton’? Why?
  • Bacon Number (Rating: 2) – How many degrees of separation is someone from Kevin Bacon? The answer is called their ‘Bacon Number.’ Enter a name of a celebrity followed by ‘Bacon Number’ in Google search, like ‘Kim Kardashian Bacon Number,’ and Google will tell you.

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