Social Media Marketing Tips: How to Find Help for Technical Issues

People often ask, ‘Is there any help or support for social media marketing?’ Specifically, they often have an issue (such as “Instagram Reels – how to set them up,” or “What is the unsubscribed trailer on YouTube?,” that is a specific question or pain point, and they want to “find the answer.” Most of the time it’s a “how to” question as in “How to set up the unsubscribed trailer on YouTube?” Here are my tips on how to find help for your social media marketing efforts.


Social Media Marketing Tips: How to Find Help for Technical Issues

First, you need to figure out the question. What I mean here is be specific: state your question with an eye to your “keywords.” My books offer general help on social media marketing, but that’s not what you’re asking. You’ve identified a unique feature on a social platform, such as “Checkins” on Facebook, or a “branded hashtag on Instagram,” or perhaps an “article” on LinkedIn.  You need to “formulate the question” before you can “find the answer.” It’s so simple when you think about it. But what – specifically – is your question?


Second, Google is your best friend. Google is the world’s best search engine. You can use a few Google tricks to “find the answer” to your question. Here are some examples –

#1 – Google it. Just Google your question as in “How do I enable checkins on Facebook” or “What is the unsubscribed trailer on YouTube“.

#2 – Use Google tricks, especially the TOOLS menu at the top right. Change that to “last year” to get rid of out-of-date answers. Or use the “video” tab to search for video answers, again using the TOOLS menu to look for recent “answers.”


Third, each vendor has their own “micro” help site.  Below I am listing the most important. You can find them by using Google to search for them as in “Facebook help” or “Facebook business help,” etc.

Here, too, there are some tricks. For one, use Google to search “into” their help files as in site: “blue check” or site: “reviews”. Google is the world’s best search engine and you can use it to search into the help files, often better than their “native” search functions. You can also search for “business” or “advertising” help (plus the name of the network, as in “Facebook business help” or “Facebook advertising support,”) as sometimes those have specific sites as well, as in or  Most vendors have micro sites for general user help, business help, and/or advertising help. Once you “know where to look,” in summary, you can “find the answer.”

Good luck!

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