Callouts vs. Sitelinks in AdWords: What’s the Difference?

Google AdWords is always coming up with new features. One of the newer ones is callouts. Well, as an AdWords person, I thought. What’s the difference between sitelinks and callouts? Sitelinks are the little blue links beneath an ad on AdWords that are clickable, and go directly to a specific sublanding page. They are good to take people to specific pages on your website, or if you have a “primary” message (e.g., you sell discount shows) and a “secondary” message or set of “secondary” messages such as Mens’ Shoes, Girls’ Shoes, etc.

What are Callouts?  How are Callouts Difference than Sitelinks?

Well, what then are callouts? Here’s the big difference: Sitelinks are clickable; callouts are not. So use sitelinks to direct someone to a specific subpage on your site; use callouts to emphasize a new offer or something unique about your offering.  For more information, read this informative Google Help article on callouts. Here’s a screenshot of the most important piece of information:


Callouts vs. Sitelinks in Google AdWords

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