Amazon Echo Echo Echo and Hijacking Hijacking Hijacking

In case you haven’t heard, Amazon is out with an really cool new product, Echo. Amazon EchoIt’s sort of a cylindrical Siri, and perhaps a glimpse into a robotic future with humans and robots living together in peace and harmony. As marketers, what’s kinda funny is that the really cool yet sorta creepy introductory video by Amazon immediately created the opportunity for a parody. And in marketing-speak a paraody is a Hijack: you’re looking for one thing, and you find something else (or something related). And by hijacking the message, you create the opportunity to insert your own brand or message inside. But enough about marketing. Enjoy the “serious” video and the “parody” video about Echo. (Then think of what message(s) you might hijack in your own industry for your own marketing purposes.

The Original

The Parody

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