Google+ Collections: How to Use Them Plus Tips & Resources

Google+ has risen from the dead with a new feature: Google+ collections.You know the phrase “orange is the new black,” well “curation” is the new search. Twitter, Pinterest, and now Google+ are all racing to help people “curate” content. You know, sort of like Yahoo did at the dawn of the Internet, until Marissa Mayer killed that Yahoo feature on her hunt to be make the last first, and the first last as Yahoo has given up on “curation.”

Google+ Collections: How To UseNo matter. Google+ to the rescue. Google+ Collections essentially allow you to “tag” posts in Google+ that become a clickable “Curation page” of posts. So you can use it to create an on-going list of the “best” of this or that, or “samples” of this or that, etc. Sort of like Twitter Curation but immediately open to the masses (that would be you).

In this video, let’s explore the new Google+ collections – how to set them up, and how they might be used for marketing.

Video Explanation: How to Use Google+ Collections


Step by Step Through Google+ Collections

  • Setting up a Collection – in order to have a place to “put” your Google+ posts, you first have to set up a Collection. Be sure to set up the sharing settings the way you want them, as they cannot be changed later.
  • Filing a Post into a Collection – when you create a new post, you can simply “share” it into a collection, or you can “move it” later on.
  • Re-posting Someone Else’s Post into a Collection – you can follow people or companies you like, and then “file” their post into your collection (similar to repinning in Pinterest).
  • Public URL – every collection gets a public URL and fortunately people do NOT have to sign into Google+ to view the collection and click on the links. This is a HUGE advantage over Pinterest which forces people to login.

Resources on Google+ Collections


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