Top Ten Viral Marketing Tools

Viral is a funny word. When it comes to colds, flu, and terrible diseases like ebola, “going viral” is bad. Really bad. When it comes to marketing, it can be good, really good. Unless it’s the latest celebrity trainwreck, or an inappropriate TSA incident, or something else that can damage your brand.

Top Ten Viral Marketing ToolsEven more so, you want to be the “cool kid” in your cubicle block. The one who knows “what’s trending” and “what’s not,” right? Well, I’ve put together my favorite top ten “going viral” or “trend watching” tools for your pleasure. Check them daily to –

  • See what’s “going viral” and why (across our culture, and in your industry).
  • Beef up your social media education, so – yes – you can be the “cool kid” who knows what’s trending.
  • Have tons of fun watching cat videos, and tell your boss “you’re doing social media research.”

Here’s my list of viral marketing tools. Got suggestions? Email me via

Top Ten Viral Marketing Tools



This is an email / viral promotion tool. You establish a ‘freebie,’ and then this tool gives you code that requires users to ‘share’ your freebie to get it. Service is not free and charges by the campaign per year.

Rating: 4 Stars | Category: tool


What’s Trending

Ever wonder what’s trending? This site can answer exactly that question! This site features the most popular videos and latest trends keeping users in the know. A useful heuristic is the color-coded views icon, which tells you how many people have viewed the post, making it easy to find the most popular posts. Content ranges from ‘Man wears beard of bees’ to international news.

Rating: 4 Stars | Category: portal


Popular on YouTube

An auto-generated collection of what’s popular on YouTube, and – shall we say – ‘going viral.’ As a marketer, seek to observe and understand why things go viral and how to leverage the video popularity wave.

Rating: 4 Stars | Category: service


NewsWhip News App

News App is a great viral news tool which tracks stories being shared and engaged with the most on Facebook and Twitter. It convenienty allows you to filter by location (e.g., US, Canada, Australia) or topic (e.g., entertainment, sports) and even subtopic (e.g., football, baseball). NewsWhip ranks the world’s most engaging stories by using social velocity: how fast a story is picking up new shares, tweets and other social engagements.

Rating: 3 Stars | Category: resource


Rad URLs

If you’d like to keep your finger on the pulse of viral, check out Rad URLs. This service tracks the top 100 shared URLs on both Facebook and Twitter, and updates them every 15 minutes. Content is displayed in a Billboard-style format and can be filtered by service.

Rating: 3 Stars | Category: service



Share other people’s content, but add your own image or text link to promote yourself. So in a sense you can ‘hijack’ some content from others to promote your own stuff. (Begin Dr. Evil laugh).

Rating: 3 Stars | Category: tool


The Verge –

The Verge is a site that posts articles about what’s happening now, ranging from trending celebrities to the latest tech craze. The site has useful features such as the ‘Trending Now’ tab at the top and the ‘TL;DR’ section when you need news fast. It also features videos and forums.

Rating: 3 Stars | Category: portal


Trend Hunter Business

If you need some blog post creation inspiration, check out Trend Hunter Business, part of the larger Trend Hunter network of sites covering trends in everything from technology, lifestyle, culture, design, and ‘bizarre’. With its handy filtering tools at the top of the page and infinite scrolling, you’ll find something to spur your imagination in no time.

Rating: 3 Stars | Category: resource



Need comprehensive coverage of trending Twitter topics over the past 24 hours? Trends24 provides the top 10 Twitter hashtags and words hourly the past 24 hours. Filter by country to see what’s trending in your geography. Hover over any entry to see its position highlighted over the past few hours or click it launch Twitter to read the latest posts on the topic. Also features Cloud and Map views.

Rating: 3 Stars | Category: resource


Popurls –

See what’s trending everywhere. Popurls is a news aggregator which lists popular stories being shared by major web sources and by category (including technology, politics, business, entertainment, sports, etc.) making it a window into viral marketing everywhere.

Rating: 3 Stars | Category: service


More Viral Marketing Tools

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