2017 Edition of Small Business SEO Book for 2017 Announced by JM Internet Group

San Jose, California – December 8, 2016. The JM Internet Group (https://www.jm-seo.org), a leader in online SEO training, is proud to announce the publication of the 2017 edition of its best-selling SEO book, SEO Fitness Workbook .The book has been a consistent best-seller on Amazon.com for small businesses interested in search engine optimization, and is used in the company’s online SEO training classes as well as author Jason McDonald’s classses at Stanford University Continuing Studies. Dr. McDonald wrote the book as a practical, hands-on guide to search engine optimization for small business owners and marketers. It is updated at least twice a year, along with the companion SEO Toolbook, a guide to zero cost tools.

SEO Book 2017“SEO is an endeavor which changes rapidly, and 2016 has been no exception,” explained Jason McDonald, director of the JM Internet Group. “For the 2017 update, we incorporated this year’s changes, and added numerous step-by-step videos into the book. The number one request from readers has been to have more videos showing how to do SEO.”

To learn more about the book, visit https://www.jm-seo.org/books/seo-fitness-workbook/. It can also be viewed on Amazon at http://amzn.to/2gD8PBB . Interested readers are urged to verify that they are purchasing the 2017 updated version as multiple copies are available.

SEO Explained for Small Business Owners and Marketers

SEO typically generates the highest return on investment (ROI) for small businesses. The reason for this is that many customers go first to Google, Yahoo, or Bing (the major search engines) as they search for companies, products, and services. They often ignore the ads, and click through on the first three results on the page as well as the local “snack pack” of relevant small businesses. Rarely, if ever, do customers proceed beyond the first page. By optimizing their websites for Google, Yahoo, and Bing, small business owners can often get to the top of search results, and thereby get “zero cost” advertising. In comparison with paid ads including programs like Google’s AdWords, these “zero cost” ads generate a presence on search engines and traffic to their websites with little additional cost. That said, mastering SEO for the average small business owner or marketer is not easy. A plethora of misinformation and even disinformation exists on the Internet, leaving the small business owner or marketer dazed and confused. The SEO Fitness Workbook 2017 is a small business book on SEO that cuts through the clutter, offering basic information on what to do, and what not to do, to succeed at SEO. Using the analogy that SEO is like physical fitness, it takes the reader through seven basic steps to success at SEO.

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The JM Internet Group provides SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Google AdWords training and courses for busy marketers and businesspeople. Online search engine optimization training helps explain keywords, page tags, link building strategies and other techniques needed to climb to the top of search engine rankings for Google, Yahoo, and Bing. The teaching methodology is hands on, with live examples and discussions, taught from the convenience of each student’s computer.

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