The Twinword Ideas Keyword Tool for SEO and AdWords Keyword Research

The Twinword Ideas keyword tool is one of my favorites for keyword research. Why? Well, first of all, it’s free. You can sign up for an account and do up to ten daily searches at zero cost. The format is very easy and there’s no annoying pop ups or restrictions, though they do offer a more robust paid version. Second, it’s one of the very best tools for finding synonyms. If you enter “doctor,” for example, it will give you “physician.” Even the powerful but horribly designed Google Keyword Planner in the new version isn’t very good at this.

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So, if you’re doing research and want to make sure you don’t miss synonyms, it’s highly recommended. I always try very, very hard at the beginning of a new project to get those synonyms as they are incredibly important for both Google Ads and for SEO. A search for “primary care doctor” isn’t at all the same as a search for “primary care physician,” and “SF” isn’t the same as “San Francisco.”

How to Use Twinword Ideas Keyword Tool

  1. Access the tool at and sign up for an account.
  2. Enter your “starter keyword”
    1. Look for helpers such as “near me” or “general” etc.
    2. You can sort by keyword, search volume, organic competition, paid competition, and relevance.
  3. You can export your keywords into an Excel.

On the far right, look at the “topic” and “pattern” selections, again for more ideas. It’s great for finding those pesky synonyms.  The “pattern” function helps you to see other keyword relationships.  It also has features like the LSI graph for semantic patterns.

Check it out! It’s a wonderful help to anyone who’s doing keyword research for either SEO and/or Google Ads.

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