Managing Your Facebook Business Page: You Have (Too Many) Choices

A “business page” is a must if you want to use Facebook for marketing. Whereas individuals have “profiles,” businesses have “pages.” A “page” is the foundational element to using Facebook for either organic or paid advertising. Facebook has more than one way, however, to manage your business page. In this post, I will focus on “organic” marketing on Facebook and the different tools that Facebook (Meta) has for managing your business page. My examples are also drawn from the desktop, although if you’re a 100% phone person you can also manage these resources via the Facebook app.

Your Facebook Business Page

The easiest way to manage your Facebook Page is to do it directly. I’ll assume you’ve already set up a “Facebook Business Page” but if not, you can check out the help file at Remember: you, as a person, have a profile (which you must create first). Then, you as a person, create your business page. You can then “manage” this page, creating content, setting up its structure, and adding “administrators,” that is, other folks on Facebook such as employees. As an example, you can view the Facebook Page for the JM Internet Group at

Method #1: Direct

The easiest way to manage your Facebook Page is directly. That is, first log in “as a person” and then on the “top right” > “see all profiles” and you can switch from your personal profile to your Facebook business page.  (You can also do this on the mobile app). Then, it is “as if” you are viewing and working on Facebook “as if” your business page was a person. From this interface, you can make a post (text, photo, and/or video) by clicking into “What’s on your Mind.” You can also manage the Page’s cover photo, profile picture, and tab layout. Tabs are now called “sections,” but you can manage them here – just click into the “more” tab on the Page, scroll to the bottom, and then “manage sections.”

Method #2: Professional Dashboard

Logged in as your Facebook Page, look on the left-hand column and find “Professional Dashboard.” (This feature is also available on the App). Click into it. Here, you can see “insights” or “data” about how your Page and its posts are performing. You can also easily manage your administrators, by clicking into the “Page Access” link on the left column. It’s a best practice to have more than on Admin; you (or they) might get locked out of Facebook and the only way to manage a Facebook business page is to, first, log in as a person and next, into a profile.

Method #3: Meta Business Suite

Inside of the “Professional Dashboard,” click on the left-hand menu and find “Meta Business Suite.” “Meta Business Suite” allows you to create posts, reels (which are short videos), and stories (which are 24 hour short videos). Just click into the elements under “create post.” “Planner” on the left menu is particularly useful as you can schedule posts out into the future. This is, therefore, a “native” scheduler inside of Facebook, which avoids any penalties that might incur from using a non-native scheduler like Hootsuite, Buffer, or Later. You can also link your Facebook Page to your Instagram Page inside of Meta Business Suite and thus manage both your Facebook and Instagram posts, here. Click into the “Hamburger Menu” on the left and you can see all available tools. You can also jump into “Ads Manager,” but be careful on the top menu there. Verify you are in the correct account (if you have more than your personal, and your business) before managing ads. Probably the biggest advantage to “Meta Business Suite” is that you can link it to multiple business pages, and you can have other people (e.g., employees) assist you with content management.

Method #4: Meta Business Manager

“Meta Business Manager” should not be confused with “Meta Business Suite.” Unfortunately, the team at Facebook has used almost identical names for two different products. It’s confusing. Apparently “Business Manager” is being phased out and replaced with “Business Suite.” I find the easiest way to access Business Manager is to just visit You should see your business there (and, if you have multiples, you should see multiples). At the bottom middle, click into “See All in Business Setting.” This will show you the settings for each business page.

Method #5: Creator Studio

“Creator Studio” is yet another Meta product that can be used to manage your Business Page. It’s my favorite way to manage Facebook content, but it’s not easy to find. One way is to look at the top left and find the “Search Facebook” box. Enter “Creator Studio,” and you should then see a link in the search results to it. Alternatively, just visit Pay attention to the Pull-Down menu, as if you have multiple businesses, it may not default to the one you want to manage. If it’s selected the wrong one, go to the bottom and “unselect all.” Then find the business you want to manage and select it. “Creator Studio” is the workhorse of posting to Facebook. You can upload all types of posts here, schedule them; you can create and schedule events. You can go live. You can see data and insights. I find it the best Facebook product to manage my business page.

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