Feedly, Buzzsumo, and Hootsuite: Other People’s Content for Content Marketing

Effective Social Media Marketing requires having a content marketing strategy, including other people’s content.
In this video, I’ll explain how to use Feedly and Buzzsumo to identify useful content for social media marketing, and Hootsuite to share that content systematically, including scheduling content to be shared out into the future.

Get the Required Software

First, you’ll need to get the required software. I recommend you use your Google / Google+ account to control Feedly and Hootsuite.

  1. Go to Google at https://www.google.com/
  2. Make sure you have a Google account (or create one if you do not) Other People's Content for Content Marketing
  3. Go to –
    1. Feedly at http://www.feedly.com/ and set up an account. You can use Google as your login.
    2. Buzzsumo at http://www.buzzsumo.com/ and set up an account.
    3. Go to either Bit.ly at https://bitly.com/ or Tinyurl at http://tinyurl.com/ and set up an account. I recommend Bit.ly.
    4. Go to Hootsuite at http://www.hootsuite.com/ and set up an account. You can manage up to three social accounts for free on Hootsuite, but a “pro” or “enterprise” account lets you manage many more. Find out about the various account options, here.

Identify Interesting Content to Share

You want to share other people’s content (vs. your own), because other people’s content is easy. The purpose is to stay on your keyword themes, position you / your company as a “helpful expert,” and to stay top of mind by sharing interesting, useful, and fun content to your target customers on a regular basis.

  • Feedly. Learn how to –
    • Identify and organize content. I recommend using Google to browse for blogs and key industry publications in your sector. Then “add” this content to Feedly in an organize format. Once you’re identifying key blogs / publications, then you can browse Feedly on the desktop, tablet, or even phone, to find interesting content.
      • Find useful content directly on Feedly
      • Find useful content, first, on Google, and then on Feedly using its URL
    • Identify useful content, and then find its Web URL.
    • Use bit.ly or tinyurl to shorten the URL.
    • Input it into Hootsuite.
  • Buzzsumo. Learn how to –
    • Identify and organize content by keywords, and by URL / domains.
      • Know your keywords (e.g., SEO, Social Media Marketing, AdWords)
      • Know key domains in your industry (e.g., searchenginewatch.com, socialmediaexaminer.com)
    • Use bit.ly or tinyurl to shorten the URL.
    • Input it into Hootsuite.

On a regular basis, such as every Monday afternoon or another good day for you or someone on your team, browse Feedly and Buzzsumo for interesting content, input it into Hootsuite, and set up a regular plan for social sharing.

In summary, sharing “other people’s content” is one way to constantly stay “top of mind” with your prospects and customers on social media.

Watch the Video

Watch ‘Feedly, Buzzsumo, and Hootsuite: Other People’s Content for Content Marketing‘ on YouTube!

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