The Password Book: Free Offer (Limited Supplies)

I have a new book out – THE PASSWORD BOOK – and I’d like to offer you the first wave of zero cost copies.

The Password BookDid you know that YOU are the weakest link in your Internet security? This book is a place to write down passwords, but more importantly it explains the basics of Internet scams (and how to avoid them), plus basic security upgrades for your email, Amazon, your bank, etc. Think of it a software update to “You” to improve your password, email, and bank security.

Yes, this is a BASIC book written for MERE MORTALS, so you may be sophisticated enough not to need it. I get that. No security is perfect, and this book is about the basics.


But what about your Mom or Dad, Wife or Husband, college or High school student, Grandma, Grandpa or that “special person” in your life who is constantly threatened with
Internet scams by email, by phone, and even by text? I wrote this book in simple, plain English to help the average person improve their Internet security, especially their passwords, their email, and their bank accounts.

It’s on sale now on Amazon for .99 / Kindle and $5.99 / paperback, but you can get it free as part of our review program:

That said, we do NOT require that you write a review in exchange for the complementary copy of the book, but we sure appreciate your HELP publicizing this small but important book.

  • Limited supplies are available; offer is subject to change without notice
  • Shipping costs for the paperback are not included, but if you have Amazon prime the
    book will cost zero.

If we all just upgraded our passwords, turned on two-factor verification, and were skeptical of those “helpful” unsolicited calls from the IRS and tech support, we’d all make a contribution
to rid the Internet of those pesky thieves and scammers.  Please help me out. Download or share the Password Book today.  Feel free to forward this email to friends, family, or others or even share to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Best regards,

Jason McDonald
Director, JM Internet Group

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