SEO and SMM Tips for Photographers: Key Tips for 2018

SEO and SMM for Photographers

Welcome to our inpromptu ZOOM meeting, “SEO and SMM Tips for Photographers.” Join host Leah Severson and Social Media Marketing guru, Jason McDonald, for a quick, fun, and informative session of tips for better Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing for Photographers. Free tools at

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Five High Value Todos

  1. Know your keywords. Use tools such as keyword tool to discover relevant keywords; don’t forget your cities and geographics!
  2. Optimize your website; follow the basic tag procedures as outlined in the Google SEO Starter Guide.
  3. Reviews. Claim your business listing on Google My Business and Yelp; and, after that –
    1. Solicit reviews from real, happy customers. For example, use the Google Review Link Generator to generate a ‘pop up’ URL to email to customers. (For example, Meagan Ready Photographer, Tulsa – 74137).
    2. Make sure that you have a Facebook Page for your business, set as a local business and enable the Review Tab.  For example, here.
  4. Instagram. Be sure to use hashtags and geotags, such as – babyphotographer and Tulsa.  Consider tactics such as encouraging hashtags for families, at events, weddings, etc., and thus getting them to share for you . #superfans.
  5. Pinterest. To the extent that you see opportunities on Pinterest, create “royalty free” or “give-away”photos that others will want to share.
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