Top Ten Social Media Marketing Tools and Tips for 2018

As part of Stanford Continuing Studies, I will be teaching the Social Media Marketing Course, which begins on May 7, 2018.  The course is full, but you can joint the waitlist, or sign up to be alerted by me when it is next offered, here.Social Media Marketing Tools 2018

  • Video – watch the video on the top free tools.
  • Tools – check out the fun, amazing, and free tools for social media marketing.
  • Slides – download the presentation slides.

Video: Top Ten Social Media Marketing Tools and Tips for 2018

Watch it on Vimeo, here.

Tool Links

Here are the links to the tools mentioned in the free webinar:

  1. Know What They Like (And produce it)
    2. Pinterest URLs. (Replace the domain with your company domain or that of a competitor).
  2. Reverse Engineer the Competition (And be better)
    1. Google site: search (Replace the domain with the social media network and then a keyword or competitor name).
    2. Twitter advanced search.
  3. Be a Helpful Expert on Topic X (And make it look easy).
    1. Feedly.
    2. Google News.
  4. Make a Meme (And make it memorable).
    2. Pablo.
  5. Blog on Trending Topics (And craft headlines that hook)
    1. Portent Title Maker
  6. Share Systematically (And make it look magic).
    1. Hootsuite
    2. Buffer
  7. Be photogenic on Instagram (And easy to buy).
    1. Curalate Like2Buy and example.
    2. Olapic (Tap to shop) and example.
  8. Ask for reviews (And make it easy to do them).
    1. review URL generator and example of Mecca Coffee Company, Tulsa, OK 74105.
  9. Go native (And leverage the Valley’s self-promotion).
    1. Pulse on LinkedIn (examples) and help, here.
    2. Native Video on LinkedIn and Native Video on Facebook.
  10. Know What’s Trending (And have fun).
    1. What’s Trending.
    2. Popular on YouTube.



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