What is the Difference between Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads? Which is Better?

People often ask, what’s the difference between Google Ads vs. Facebook ads? Or, which is better: Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads? The two systems are radically different. So let’s go through them step-by-step. Which is better Google ads or Facebook Ads? Short answer: Google Ads are better. Long answer: “It Depends.” Continue reading

Using Advanced Google Searches and Start.me to Create Quick Links for Marketing

Google is the world’s most powerful search engine, but many people do not know secret “tips” to use its advanced search engines. As marketers, we often want to keep track of keywords that matter to our industry, our company, and our industry, especially in these trying times. Continue reading

Serious Humor: Digital Marketing Made Easy and Fun – 29 October 2019

SERIOUS HUMOR: Digital Marketing Made Easy and Fun
Trends | Tips | To-Dos
29 October 2019

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Content Marketing, Meet AI; AI, meet Content Content Marketing –

If you haven’t heard yet, AI (‘Artificial Intelligence‘) for marketing is a thing. A big thing. Continue reading

SEO Audit and To-do List: What to do First, Second, Third

SEO is complex. The parts work together: On Page and Off Page, at the highest level; title tags and social media mentions at the micro level. It can be daunting to confront an SEO audit and then make a plan of attack for your search engine optimization project. Here are some quick thoughts about how to conduct an SEO audit and what to do first, second, third, etc. Continue reading

How to Conduct an On Page SEO Audit: Step-by-step

“On page” SEO, of course, is the art and science of building SEO-friendly websites that “speak Google.” It’s about how you get your keywords onto the page in such a way that the website clearly communicates its keyword targets to Google yet is not so clunky, and keyword-stuffed that either Google or humans (or both) hate it. Let’s review the steps to how to conduct a quick ‘On Page’ SEO audit. Continue reading